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Stan VanDerBeek, Movie-Drome, 1965
Stan VanDerBeek, Movie-Drome, 1965

Stan VanDerBeek

Movie-Drome, 1965

Multimedia audio-visual installation for dome theatre

Edition of 5 plus II AP


Described by VanDerBeek as a “very intense audio-visual environment” or a large-scale collage, Movie-Drome includes thirty to forty films and five slideshows organized into seventeen moving image and sound programs displayed in a silo top dome structure. Content loops simultaneously in a particular arrangement designated by the Archive. Content is based on VanDerBeek’s playlists for the Movie-Drome and includes material representative of his varied approaches to filmmaking: collage films; computer films; newsreel and found film; dance and performance films; and multiple slideshows combining original and found images. Movie-Drome has a fixed number of programs comprised of material made 1957-1972.